Performance Description

Summer Reperatory Theatre

Three performances in rotation throughout the Summer beginning mid-May and continuing through to mid-August.  Details are still forming and much of the schedule will be based on personal schedules of Performers.  This will be an antic, highly physical performance with lots of character work.  Tons of fun.

Time, Date, Location

5/5  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
5/6  10:00 am – 12:30 pm
203 W. 15th, suite 101
Cold Readings.  Improv, musicianship and singing ability are all valuable skills for this production.  Please come ready to sing, play, move, etc.

Rehearsals begin right away.   Performances are throughout the summer
Performers are paid a stipend based on audience attendance

The Process

Please come on time to auditions and stay the entire period.  We try to make them short and focused.  Dress in clothing that will allow you to move and participate.

Prepared memorized piece about 15 bars in length from a show of similar style to the show we are casting.  Please bring instrumental only accompaniment.  (MP3 player is great!)

Prepared memorized monologue of 30 – 60 seconds from a show of similar style to the show we are casting.  You will also do cold readings.  (Prepared monologue not always required.  See specifics of each audition for information)

Video Auditions
For those unable to make it to a live audition, Video Auditions are acceptable.  Please record 3-5 monologues of different styles (no more than 30 secs. each.)  Please include a typical audition resume and information about your availability.
Email to

Did I Get a Part?
Cast lists are posted usually about a week after auditions.  We post casting information on our website, facebook site and the websites of our producing partners.

Usually we audition 12-16 weeks prior to opening and rehearsals generally begin 4-5 weeks before opening.  This allows actors ample time to memorize scripts BEFORE the first rehearsal.

What’s the Secret?
Casting decisions, contrary to popular belief, are not that difficult.  Here are the things we look for when casting, in order of importance:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Work Ethic
  • Stage Awareness
  • Vocal Strength
  • Look the Part
  • Talent

What this means is… EVERYONE has a shot!  Particularly those who are fun to be around and work hard.  Why not join us!?