The 2017 – 2018 Season

May – August

Theatre in the Square

Midnight Sun is pleased to announce our Theatre in the Square series. Three different activities in Reperatory performing each week at the Town Square Park! Midnight Sun Theatre joins with the Anchorage Downtown Partnership to activate Town Square!  Come see Improvisational Theatre Workshop, Dr. Fortean’s Klondike Gold and Wild Big Alaska Show and a little bit of Shakespeare in the Park all this Summer at Anchorage’s Town Square!


The Dock Brief

In partnership with our friends at Anchorage Community Theatre. This two man English comedy will put a smile on your face this summer as Barrister Morgenhall attempts to defend the hapless prisoner, Mr. Fowle. Accused of murdering his wife, Fowle is more than happy to admit to the crime for a little peace and quiet. But Morgenhall insists on a defense! What happens next is a poignant piece of theatre filled with wry English humor.

September & January

Serial Bowl!

Let the games begin! Serial Bowl returns with all new episodes and all new casts, writers and directors. Episodic theatre where the audience determines who continues to a next performance.  You won’t want to miss a single episode!