Anchorage is an Art town.  We have a thriving population of art galleries, dance schools, musical experiences, etc.  So why do we need one more theatre?  Because there is a population that is under served, and we are just the folks to fill that niche.

Coming up through the Anchorage Arts scene, I became aware that there are a number of theatrical outlets that serve a viewing population AND a population of performers.  Each theatre had its niche.  From the family theatrical fair of TBA Theatre and Alaska Theatre of Youth, to the activism of Out North, each had found a place and demographic.

But I discovered that there was a group of artists that didn’t have an outlet.  These were the artists who went to the Lower 48 to get their educations in theatre.  Here was a group of people who were talented and well-trained, but couldn’t get a break.  While at school they had limited access to shows even in their own schools, and during the Summer, there were no shows here.  How do you build experience like that?

So Midnight Sun was born to provide high quality entertainment to residents and tourists alike while giving young pre-professional actors an opportunity to expand their resumes. Which leads us to…

Our Mission

The founding philosophy of Midnight Sun Theatre is to provide well trained, professional actors opportunities to perform in Anchorage while giving the city high quality, value priced entertainment.

Contact Us

Please contact us at the following locations:
Mail: 1234 Hillcrest Dr. Anchorage, Alaska. 99503
Phone: 907.727.3289